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United Pilots Alliance
We are a clan that is active in several online games. Members are located all arround the globe. The United Pilots Alliance has always been exactly that. United. From the day of it's inception, UPA has been called home by a group of like minded people. People who wanted to play games together and have fun playing them. The UPA has always been dedicated to the community. A place where friends can come together to share their love for games. However it has not stopped there. UPA has pulled members close enough to become family. Are you seeking for such a place? Don't hesitate any longer and join us. It is free!! What do we offer to our members: - Free gameserver(s) at IP - Free POP3 email - Ribbons and awards - Your own biopage where all your scores and awards are stored. - Credits that you can earn for every event you are participating in. - Cantina where you can buy drinks - Fleetshop where you can buy virtual ships, waepens and items.
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