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Age of Mythology Heaven
HeavenGames (originally HeavenWeb) was founded by Mike “Archangel” McCart in 1997. Throughout the past seven years it has been a meeting place and information resource for gamers. Many large gaming sites on the internet try to cover many games, leading to very bland coverage of each game. HeavenGames (or HG for short) focuses only on a small selection of games, but because of our exhaustive coverage on each, we pride ourselves on being the premiere sites on the ‘net for those games. Age of Mythology Heaven is no exception. Boasting one of the largest forum-based communities on the internet, extensive high quality and helpful content, and a user-built database encompassing hundreds of custom files, we believe we are unsurpassed in what we offer to our visitors. Age of Mythology Heaven was launched on July 17th 2001, and is the largest and longest running Age of Mythology information resource on the internet. AoM Heaven worked closely with AoM’s developers, Ensemble Studios, to gather and process feedback during the ten thousand person alpha test that was critical to Age of Mythology’s development. We are also proud to have the patronage of the developers in our very own forums.
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